Design furniture Lalita

These sensations and feelings have guided us in the creation of the LALITA project. A Sanskrit name that embodies these meanings. LALITA brings with it our desire to design a timeless, balanced, harmonious range capable of filling the eyes of the beholder with grace and kindness. The lines are soft, the fittings are generous, yet they create clean, essential and linear atmospheres. LALITA has generous proportions and gentle lines that inspire a sense of protection that caress the body and the everyday bathroom rituals of washing, and caring for one’s body and physical-mental wellbeing, which are carried out in a soothing and invigorating atmosphere. The collection offers a wide and varied range of proposals to meet many different needs. Wall-hung and floor-mounted toilet and bidet, countertop washbasin - which can be positioned on a free-standing unit or a countertop - new furnishing accessories whose functionality and beauty become the main feature of the bathroom. LALITA, without sacrificing the added value of concreteness, furnishes a tactile bathroom environment in line with new emerging needs.