Is the result of years of research, on the glazes and the ceramic application, that ensures more protection, more resistance and ease of cleaning.

The careful control of the temperatures in the various cooking stages, in a cycle that can last up to 26h, ensures perfect homogeneity of the product during the sintering process, reducing porosity and guaranteeing greater resistance against stains, dirt and abrasion.

Advice for correct cleaning

  • Daily cleaning with a damp cloth, ensures brilliance over time
  • Do not use microfibre cloths
  • The use of delicate detergents with a PH level up to 4 is preferable
  • Avoid abrasive powders or steam cleaners
  • Avoide water stagnation when dyeing hair


The antibacterial BATAFORM treatment was developed to ensure deeper hygiene, basing its effectiveness on the reaction of silver ions, which inhibit the proliferation of bacteria. Tests carried out by certified laboratories, according to the UNI4543 standard, have confirmed a drastic decrease in the presence of bacteria, without however altering the glossy glaze.

For cleanig operations, follow the raccomandations given for the CERASLIDE glaze.